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If you have been looking for a way to start training a deaf dog in order to communicate with him, or train him to be obedient so he’s no longer an embarrassment to take him on a walk because he’s pulling your arm off, and you want him to obey your every command, then this could be the most important page that you read all year! Training a deaf dog starts here…

You see, I too used to get frustrated and stressed out with dog training books that aren’t even aimed at training a deaf dog and obedience classes that have “experts” who have no real experience in training a deaf dog while trying to teach my dog to behave, walk at heal, sit, come, etc. But not anymore…

My name is Andrew Mountford and I am a trained Dog Obedience Instructor who helps people to solve their endless frustrations associated with training a deaf dog in a way that is fun and rewarding!

I, like you, had spent years searching for that “magic wand” which would allow me to finally STOP the bad behaviours and have a well trained dog that would follow my every command. A dog not to be embarrassed of but to be proud of.

Unfortunately, because I didn’t have any mentors or Deaf Dog Obedience Trainers with experience in training a deaf dog, I was told that my dog may never be able to follow my commands, which would render my dog untrainable and a happy and fulfilling life for my dog seemed unachievable!


“But Having an “Untrainable” Deaf

Dog Wasn’t Going to Stop ME!”


I followed all the basics I’d learned from every dog obedience book I could find. I tried persevering with dog obedience classes, I bought numerous “quick fix” training collars and loads of dog ‘gadgets’ that I could spend my hard earned money on, and listened to every Dog Obedience Trainer who offered advice… But NOTHING WORKED!

Then I discovered the COLD HARD TRUTH about why I simply couldn’t have the most obedient deaf dog I could ever imagine. And here it is…  

I’ve created 4 x eBooks with over 90 pages of training secrets and 4 x Booklets full of hand signals with the exact information you need to get your deaf dog to obey your every command

Training a Deaf Dog Premium

Deaf Dog Hand Signals

When you’re ready to fix the bad behaviours and have the obedient deaf dog that will amaze people, what you need is a resource that doesn’t just reiterate the same old training techniques everyone else has tried. What’s the point in the same OLD ineffective advice that everyone, including professional dog trainers, are using.   What you need is real tips and sound advice so you and your deaf dog can:

    • Completely overcome even the most challenging of behavioural problems using positive reinforcement and association techniques.
    • Finally enjoy walking with your dog without him constantly pulling on the lead by understanding the dog’s mentality and instincts.
    • Easily avoid the potentially damaging effects of incorrectly training your dog using OLD SCHOOL training techniques that only masks bad behaviours or creates new problems.
    • Heighten the intelligence of your deaf dog with the simple instructions that have big results.
    • Amaze people with the obedience commands your deaf dog will recognise by using over 20 hand-signals.
    • Be empowered and become your dog’s hero when you are able to communicate with him simply and effectively.

  One of the many success stories from this Training a Deaf Dog program, Collin Bradshaw, explains his own personal experience…


“The best way to have an obedient

deaf dog is to train him yourself!”


That’s what I decided to do when I found out my dog was deaf. Nine months ago me and my wife decided to buy a puppy. Only to realise when he was nearly 3 months old that he was deaf. Then at about 6 months old his behaviour went above and beyond insane! …So did mine!

At home he would pee on the carpet and also rip our clothes of the line, which has put me out of pocket $100’s in new clothes and carpet steam cleaning. On the days I was brave enough to take him for a walk he would constantly pull on the leash and if another dog came into view it was like HOLDING BACK A RAGING BULL!

I was frustrated to no end and at times I considered surrendering him to the animal shelter! But I wasn’t going to give up! So I began searching the internet for books and ways to fix these BAD BEHAVIOURS.

    • Digging In The Garden
    • Tearing Clothes Off The Line
    • Peeing On The Carpet
    • Aggression Toward Other Dog
    • And that’s just a few of them!

I was really excited to start training my dog and rid him of these NASTY BEHAVIOURS. At first I went searching on the internet for “free” tips on training a deaf dog, bought dog obedience books, and contacted my local dog obedience club for advice.

Here’s what happened…

I was stabbing around in the dark trying to piece together bits and pieces of training from the few sources out there, struggling because there was not one complete and concise program available related to training a deaf dog that would allow me to correct my deaf dogs bad behaviours and train him into the intelligent and highly obedient companion I wanted!

Getting my dog to remain attentive to me was a real struggle especially when there were other visual distractions around. Then doing what I thought was best for my dog was actually making things worse!

After stumbling through the very limited advice and solutions available for training a deaf dog and having little to no success, I eventually found this site which was like hitting the JACKPOT!  It was perfectly catered for people like me who have deaf dogs.  


“These eBooks gave me Intuitive Step-By-Step

Instructions that were incredibly easy to follow!”


Being a Project Manager for a medium sized company I am kept fairly busy with work and so the fact that I could work through all the steps at my own pace  and when it suited me was a huge convenience. And if you’re like me and have never had ANY experience obedience training a deaf dog, or any dog at all, being taken through the whole process – teaching me the correct way to train my deaf dog was enormously helpful, WITHOUT A DOUBT!

The Result From Just 60 Days And Only 15 minutes A Day…?

    • No More Holes In The Garden
    • No More Peeing On The Carpet
    • Fetches And Drops The Ball
    • Walks At Heel
    • No More Aggression But Loves Meeting Other Dogs
    • Competence in over 20 Hand-Signal commands such as: Sit, Stay, Come, Left-Turn, Right-Turn, About-Turn, Walk, Down, Stand…
    • And There’s So Much More…

To look back now and think about the nightmare of a dog I had then, I am now incredibly proud of him and also myself for investing this considerably short amount of time into the Training a Deaf Dog Obedience guides. He is a real hit with my friends and family and I love showing off his ‘Top Dog’ abilities.

Collin Bradshaw
Project Manager
Birmingham, UK

“My dog, Raz, was a nightmare. From digging holes in the garden, to barking at anything going past the house, to running away numerous times! I just wanted a “normal” dog. One that wouldn’t pull my arm off when we went for a walk!
After going through the lessons and following the simple instructions I quickly learnt how to train him using hand signals, body language and visual cues.
Raz no longer digs holes in the garden, doesn’t bark at everything that moves, comes when I command and walks right next to me without a tight lead! This training really works!”

Training a Deaf Dog Testimonial

Sally and Raz
Retail Manager
Perth WA, AUS



“Before I found this program I was desperate, I even considered giving her back because I couldn’t handle the responsibility of a hearing impaired dog.
The online support reminds me that I’m not alone, and offers simple suggestions that make big differences in changing Sadie’s behaviour. I’ve tried other training, but this is the most comprehensive, easy to understand and quick to implement.
It’s not difficult, and these resources definitely empower you to be your dog’s hero.”

Training a Deaf Dog Testimonial

Christina and Sadie
Chicago IL, USA

If you were to attend all the obedience classes I’ve attended, read all the books I’ve read, and studied all the courses I’ve paid for… you could easily spend over $3500 in just the costs alone. Depending on the value you place on your time… your investment to learn what I’ve learned could be over $6,000!

That is why the powerful tips, and techniques I’ve carefully constructed into the Training a Deaf Dog Obedience Package and laid out in my ebooks “Deaf Dog Owner’s Puppy Training” and “Deaf Dog Owner’s Obedience”, along with email support and quick reference booklets, would be a huge bargain at a price of $99 or even $149.. just a fraction of the costs I’ve incurred.

But I’m offering you a chance to fast track your dog’s obedience and have real success in solving those unwanted behaviours for an unbelievable price of just $27.

Less than $0.50 a day for 60 days!

That is all it costs to tap into your dogs hidden intelligence and give them the attention they deserve. The reward is priceless!


What About A FREE Premium Package Upgrade!!


If you order now, you’ll receive an instant upgrade to the Complete Premium Obedience Package for training a deaf dog, we will send you even more training resources for FREE. This means you also get the following ebooks and 4 printable quick reference booklets and even more effective techniques to add to your toolbox for training a deaf dog!  




Premium Package Bonus #1: $27

Deaf Dog Owner’s Handbook – Taking Care Of Man’s Best Friend

Whether you already own a dog and are looking for answers to some of your questions or you are someone who is looking at becoming a first time dog owner, you’re sure to find the answers you need in “The Deaf Dog Owner’s Handbook.”

Everything You Need To Know About Dog’s But Didn’t Know How To Ask!!

Included in this great bonus is key information regarding your dog’s weight, how to maintain a proper diet for your dog, how to spot allergies in your pet, when to vaccinate and what vaccination he needs, and loads more…


Premium Package Bonus #2: $22

Deaf Dog Owner’s Delight – Master The Art Of Training Your Dog With Ease!

With this guide, you’ll be exposed to the ways successful pet trainers work and think and how you can apply these ways of thinking in your own dog training success.

You’ll discover many useful insights and strategies on taking care of your dog.

Plus, highly effective methods for making your dog obedient.




You literally have NOTHING to lose

when you try these training techniques!


If you’re still not 100% sure that these techniques to train your deaf dog are exactly what you need to discover your dog’s true intelligence let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee…

If you take this first step and claim your Obedience Package for Training a Deaf Dog and have no success with these strategies, just let me know.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund… even if it’s at the end of the 60 day course! This is my thanks for giving these strategies a try…

It’s that simple.

Training a deaf dog starts

in the next five minutes…


The choice is yours: You either want to have an obedient deaf dog that obeys your commands, or you don’t. If you don’t, I wish you all the best with whatever you choose to do.

But if you’re serious about having a well trained deaf dog, then you really only have one choice… Whip out your wallet and invest in one of these outstanding package deals. You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose!

Premium Package: WAS $76 NOW $27

But remember…

…the longer you wait, the longer you will be constrained by the needless frustrations surrounding your dog’s unwanted behaviours and lack of compliance. Completely unnecessary. So let’s get started…


Remember, if you’re not thrilled with the training techniques, just let me know within the next 60 days, receive a full refund. That’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!


You’ll receive instructions, directly to your email inbox, on how to download your ebooks.



PREMIUM OFFER: “Premium Obedience Package for Training a Deaf Dog”

Training a Deaf Dog

WAS$76 NOW $27

    • “Deaf Dog Owner’s Puppy Training” eBook
    • “Deaf Dog Owner’s Obedience” eBook
    • “Deaf Dog Owner’s Handbook” eBook
    • “Deaf Dog Owner’s Delight” eBook
    • Beginner’s Quick Reference Guides
    • Advanced Quick Reference Guide
    • 60 Days Email Support



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